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Light has always been symbolically associated with healing, regardless of whether we are referring to ancient or modern times.

In Ancient Chinese medicine, they believed light was crucial for healthy living and that this invisible flow of energy is responsible for the functions of the body. While in Egypt, Heliopolis, known as the City of the Sun, features healing temples that utilize the different spectrums of daylight (different colors) to treat a variety of medical conditions. This is also where the term Heliotherapy originated from, meaning the exposure to light.

In 1903, Dr. Niels Finsen, a Danish physician and scientist, earned the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his contributions to the use of concentrated light radiation to treat lupus vulgaris and other diseases. And in the 1960’s, phototherapy, also known as LED therapy or (LEDT), took hold in Eastern European for a variety of medical treatments surrounding chronic pain, arthritis, and soft-tissue injury.

Since, LED therapy has made a significant contribution to the medical industry. Clinics and medical science industries led several studies in the 1980’s revealing LED therapy was not only beneficial to tissue but also healed superficial cosmetic conditions. More so, professional athletes and physical therapy patients benefited from a fifty percent reduction in injury recovery time when using LEDT. 

It is important to note the superiority of LED RED LIGHT THERAPY, in contrast to most other wavelengths of light that cannot penetrate deeper into the body and remain within the layers of the skin (UV, blue, green, yellow, etc.). Near-infrared light and red light therapy penetrate deep into the human body and are capable of directly affecting cells, tissues, blood, nerves, and the brain.

Due to the many benefits associated with the use of LED red light therapy, in the recent years, LED red light therapy has become increasingly popular within the wellness community. These include anti-aging, skin cell rejuvenation, stimulation of cellular energy (ATP), collagen production, as well as management of acne, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and inflammation. It also serves as an aid in the repair of skin tissue and wound healing, such as scarring and stretch marks. Additionally, LED red light promotes hair growth, brain function, heart health, better sleep, increased energy levels, and the destruction of fat blood cells, while promoting muscle growth and recovery.

Having recently experienced red light therapy at Arete in Nashville, I found it to be relaxing and soothing. While leaving me with a more radiant skin complexion for the days following. Red light beds are similar to tanning beds, except they do not generate heat. The temperature of the bed remains the same as that of the room. Having grown up in tanning beds, it was definitely an adjustment for me, but afterwards, my two girlfriends and I decided we each wished our individual experiences would have been longer.

The popularization of LED red light therapy has majorly impacted the wellness community. While many variations of at home masks, face wands, and therapy beds are hitting the market and stirring up quite the talk, there are guidelines you should stay within when shopping for a studio membership or an at home red light therapy choice. 

In order to achieve an effective light therapy session, you must have an effective dose. This requires the following:

A light with a high power density (relatively powerful)

The ideal light should be capable of treating a large area of the body simultaneously

In order to obtain the appropriate total dose, it is necessary to understand the optimal duration of time to use the light. A dose that is too small will result in minimal to no effects. And a dose that is too high will result in minimal to no effects.

For anti-aging treatments, you should be further away from the light in order to reduce the light’s intensity and cover a larger area of your body. Or if you are treating deeper tissues, such as scar tissue, then you will need to be closer to the light (which increases the intensity of the light) in order to receive an overall higher dose.

Arete was a wonderful experience and one I highly recommend! The staff was incredibly informative and guided us through our entire experience. Below are the studio prices for Arete’s studio red light therapy. If you’re living in or around Nashville they offer studio membership prices, or if you’re simply traveling through the area and want to stop by for your first 15 minutes of red light therapy.

 New Client Single Session $25

Single session $50

Three Pack $130

10 Pack $350

Monthly Unlimited (3 month commitment) $299


Please message me if you have any additional questions or concerns. I hope this finds you well and thank you for supporting my dreams!

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