My First Full Body Waxing Experience

Woman’s hair growth can be a very controversial topic.

The goal for anyone’s body should be, to follow a method that makes you feel the most confident in YOUR skin whatever that may be.

For myself, I have always rid myself of body hair. I feel more confident, clean, and healthier that way. Whatever your choice, that’s respected. The hair is initially there for a reason, but do with it as you please.

Let’s get to my FIRST full body wax experience including a Brazilian.

I would like to preference, my experience to waxing was MUCH different than the other 13 ladies in my aesthetics class. I have extremely sensitive skin and had an allergic reaction to the soft wax the class used. After learning this through a painful trial and error experience; we added precautions, adjusted to the reactions, and a few days following I was able to fully complete the experience.

I will cover the full body in sections, including my pain level for each. Pain is subjective but you can base your decision off something. I will preference I have a medium pain level tolerance.

If you are interested in just the Brazilian skip down and read all about it.

The Face

You can wax eyebrows, sideburns, nose, upper lip, and chin.

For each person, hair growth is different. I have a lot of peach fuzz on my face, so I didn’t wax a lot on my face.

Eyebrows – This one is the only waxing I have done previously to the full experience. For the eyebrows, I prefer threading to waxing. Pain Level: 2-3

Nose – This was my favorite thing to wax. When the sticks were pulled out of my nose, they gave a feather tickling sensation inside. It’s not what you would originally think it to be. Pain Level: O

Chin – This section was only waxed because we had to for a grade. If we didn’t have to get a grade, I would have not touched this area. Pain Level: 0 Zero (maybe due to peach fuzz).

Upper Lip – Classmates that waxed their upper lip said it was not this best feeling. More uncomfortable than the eyebrows and armpits. Pain Level: 4

Upper Body

You can wax arms, underarms, and back.

My arm hair is blonde and minimal. And my back doesn’t have any hair both areas weren’t waxed.

Underarms- The hot wax was a tad uncomfortable and made the underarms sweat more.  Pain Level: 3-4


The anticipation is over! The Brazilian wax was a lot better than I originally thought. The areas with the most pain were the clit and inside lips. In the more sensitive areas, the wax does feel significantly hotter and makes you squirm a little til it cools. Other than that, it wasn’t enjoyable but durable. The other sections made you say a few words and hit the bed but when pressure was added afterwards, it tremendously helped. The butthole was an odd sensation to have the heat there but the removal was minimal.  Pain Level 5-7


My original note say, “it’s for the birds!”

The picture is my inner thigh and shows my allergic reaction to the soft wax. I am highly allergic to the product used. It was a Pain Level 8-9. I almost passed out due to the pain. When we came back a few days following and used hard wax my legs took better to this method and the Pain Level: 3 -4


Do not shave weeks before your appointment. Your hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long before waxing in any area.

Drinks LOTS of water leading up to your appointment. The more hydrated you are, the less painful the exfoliation process will be. When the hair follicle is surrounded by water it slides out more effortlessly. This makes the removal smoother without substantial pain.

DO NOT drink alcohol or caffeine the night before or day of your appointment. Again, hydration is key and drinking alcohol or caffeine dehydrates the body. Drinking will not make your waxing experience better!

Apply any numbing creams 30minutes to an hour before your appointment if you wish to buffer the pain.

Do not exfoliate your skin afterwards. Using a loofa or any exfoliating products will only irritate the skin.

Using Aloe Vera after your waxing session will help calm the inflammation of the skin from being generously exfoliated.


It’s been a month since my first waxing experience. And even though I had a rough start, I will say, I have truly enjoyed not having to shave everyday! My hair grew back pretty sparse comparative to the prior hair growth. Today, I just performed my first at home wax to myself, the pain level was significantly less the second time around. I will continue to do at home waxing and I will do a blog post with the essentials and the items I love through that experience next.



Before and After Waxing Care Essentials

Hydrating Cleaning Body Wash - EUCALYPTUS & PEPPERMINT The body wash helped me a lot during my waxing aftercare. The aloe in the product calmed down the inflammation of my skin and felt relaxing after all the exfoliation.
Hydrating Soothing Body Cream - EUCALYPTUS & PEPPERMINT The body cream was a luxurious addition to the aftercare following the shower. It added a ton of moisture to my skin and left it feeling cool and refreshed.
SLEEP BUBBLING DREAM SOAK - CALM (VETIVER & GERANIUM). After I came home from work and was able to relax. The dream soak was a wonder additive to the bath. It was soothing to the skin, moisturizing, and noticeably calmed the inflammation from the wax.
Relax and Wax No Scream Cream
Waxing Numbing Cream This award winning product is a go to for all aestheticians. Personally, I have not used this product but it has wonderful reviews. For my next leg session, I have purchases this product and plan to use it.
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