Mon Héros A Reçu Ses Ailes

My Hero Received His Wings 


to the man that hung my moon and stars.

Today marks 10 years since you walked up to the pearly gates and exchanged your earthly wings for your heavenly. 🕊 I can only imagine how beautifully you radiate. You were always such an incredible light.

Oh how much has changed and how far I’ve grown since you took flight. One thing I can say never changed, I think about you daily and wish you were still here.

You are still my best friend.

The growing and healing I accomplished since 2012 made this business even possible. And to you, I’m forever grateful for leaving behind what you did to make this possible! I hope to make you proud!

From the warmth you place over my life, I want you to know I’m alright. I do wish I could call you back sometimes. My soul feels like it rips out occasionally, but I’m alright. I appreciate you continuously blessing me. You were and still are the greatest person I’ve ever known. Your kindness, generous soul, and radiant smile blessed so many lives Daddy!

Your spirit was unmatched and I pray that energy carries throughout Love Always,Alli for more people to be blessed by your loving spirit.

You always were the light at the end of a tunnel for me, Andrew, and anyone that came in contact with you. It’s my desire to continue to shine your legacy of love and light. You loved people so well Daddy!

I’m forever grateful I was blessed to be your daughter!

Daddy, my greatest project, is dedicated to you for always pushing me to dream and believing I’d bring them into fruition. I miss you greatly. I love you dearly!

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