Growing up I always felt different, never truly relating.

Loved dreaming, creating, and writing. While friends I loved, I preferred being by myself than anywhere else.

My dreamworld of creation was my safe place;

it still is.


Fashion and writing were always apart of that world, now you’re witnessing them being public.


With the understanding that you will respect my expression, my heart is displayed within; to inspire your journey through style, healing, growth, and expansion.


It wasn’t until I became self-aware that INFJs are a walking contradiction, that I started relating to an element in my life.

Being both expressive and logical, this space and school are allowing me to balance the two. The lifestyle blog is my creative venture, while my medical pursuit is the logical. Both allow me to be reserved and helpful to you.

And that’s my greatest desire,
to help others.


Being extremely sensitive in nature, this space was primarily created as a helpful tool for you, but also  for my creative expression to flow while being adaptive to my best communication style. This space helps me best serve you but cater to my introversion.

I’m writing this post for you, my fellow INFJs, that have always felt different. It’ll be a continuous journey trying to grasp a little bit more understanding about the dual self. You’re not alone.

From years of research through personality charts, books, self-awareness, and exploration I finally landed on my strengths. My hope is you have too, if not, my desire is to help you find the direction needed.

My best advice for you is to follow your extremely high intuition, even against the grain of society.

Choose a path that balances, calms, and feeds into your strengths.

We are personalities of depth and need spaces that feed this self quality.

Build yours. Claim yours.

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