How Yoga Saved My Life


Everything comes to you at the right time. 🕊 This holds true for yoga.

As I relax into a candlelit bubble bath, reflections of life begin. You see, yoga and the yoga community quite frankly saved my life.

Over the past 10 years yoga has always been a firm unconditional foundation for me to rely on.

No judgement, strong, and steady…. Allowing my loyal yet butterfly spirit to come and go as I please. But while together gives me a calm gentle space to become fully present, while I mold into the woman I’m truly grateful to see in my reflection. (haha I think I just described the perfect man for me 😆… anyways.)

Coming to yoga I was utterly devastated. Quite frankly completely broken trying to grasp my father’s unexpected death, at a very young age.

I was traumatized.

He worked in Africa. On March 25th, 2012, a Sunday afternoon, Daddy took his forever nap. We had my trip planned for me to go visit him. We were going to skydive, visit Victoria Falls, and great white shark cage dive on that trip. Thankfully, he went peacefully. But for me, I was left behind in a million pieces. My best friend was gone.

Not only did I have to fight against grieving, depression, anxiety, abandonment, but also scary thoughts that life would be better on the other side beside him. For goodness sake, I landed in the Peninsula for 62 hours due to complications of medication. That experience was nuts, I sat on the floor next to each nurse for comfort and safety from all the outlandish personalities within those walls.

My nervous system was beyond shot.

I’m not exactly sure what guided me into that LA yoga studio at 5 am that particular morning. Probably my Daddy,  but I do know I am forever grateful! It was on that day I started two a days: 5am and 7pm. Slowly but surely my nervous system mellowed out from fight or flight to a calm clarity. I was then able to logically piece together life verses emotionally respond. Being a highly emotional yet logical person, this was a beautiful blessing.

Once I was able to work through the trauma. Yoga became my happy place, and still is. Providing moments of self-discovery, development, and awareness, yoga began transforming me physically, mentally, and emotionally. It allowed me to ground myself around my truest self, therefore empowering me to connect with my feminine energy, build confidence, and strength.

From Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Charlotte, and Knoxville, the yoga community has continuously supported, encouraged, and helped me in my personal growth. Everyone is so genuine and kind. Within the studio each individual is completely focused on their personal practice on their mat, so you don’t in the least feel social or performance pressure. Which in turn allows for a more open exploration in attempting new postures within a trustworthy space.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, I came to realize yoga put you on a spiritual journey. This is a personal area I want to hold private but the experience is there and beneficial for all that desire.

Everyone always asked me, “Why are you running away to LA?”… I wasn’t ever running away…. I was simply coming HOME to myself. And yoga allowed this for me.

I’ll always be forever grateful for yoga and the yoga community!

The light in me sees and honors the light in you! Namaste!

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