Free To Be


Do you ever wish you could stop placing that facade over your life and just BE?

Whether it’s to please your family, friends, co-workers, or nowadays social media. Maybe it’s cutting out the high expectations, time frames attached to achievements, or the need to obtain a certain lifestyle, designer item, or car to look cool. Do you ever wish you could stop placing that facade over your life and just BE?


It took me 32 years to begin to accomplish being myself. I always craved my mother’s love and affection. This always held me back from wholeheartedly chasing after my dreams because I never had her full support. It wasn’t until last year, did I understand I never will. The truth stung when it was stated, I will never be anything she deemed worthy. One needs to love themself before one can truly love anyone else. I will always wish her the best and love her from a distance but the space created allowed me to expand into my full potential.

That’s how my self-love journey began. I knew I was worthy of any dream being accomplished. And now you’re reading one of them!

For yourself, I urge you to begin. Get into a relaxing environment, for me, it’s a hot salt bath or my bed around midnight.


What have you always been drawn towards?

What comes naturally to you?

What do people compliment you on continuously?

 What brings you joy?

Not just a smile … but pure joy.

Now,  how can you align your life in such a way that compliments your reflections?

This will become your sweet spot.


After you determine your “Sweet Spot”. Start building day by day, week by week, month by month. Each day create, solve, acquire towards your “Sweet Spot”. When you’re engaged in your sweet spot you are fully aligned with your soul’s purpose. You will be energized, and calm yet excited to keep adding to this daily.

When I first began, I saw a quote:

“If you can give someone else your 8-5 … why can’t you give yourself two additional hours?”

All images were taken by Leah Bullard.

All bridal dresses are White Lace and Promises

Fur: Royal Scout and Co.

Location: Ireland


I challenge you to find your “Sweet Spot” and daily invest in it. You will begin your own FREE TO BE!

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