One of my favorite things to do for my health is a great cleanse.


You can cleanse in a variety of different ways:

Detox tea

Bone broth



The most important benefit to cleansing is the reset it establishes for your body.

Bringing your body to a neutral stance enables your body to rebuild in a healthy direction.

Attributes such as drinking, fast food, and unhealthy living all contribute to toxin build-up within your body. When you’re desiring to pivot and go in a healthy direction, adding healthy habits into your body with the toxins still in place will not accomplish the best results, if any.

Cleansing your body allows the nutrition from the healthy choices you’re establishing to build on solid ground.

After a cleanse your body will feel elevated, refreshed, and energized.

Cleansing contributes to many benefits:

brain chemistry – mental clarity, focus, emotional stability

vital organ support- clear skin, anti-aging factors, reduction of bloating, strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, kills bacteria, weight loss, and cravings control




Yogi Tea

Is a simple starting point for detoxing. Add one or two tea bags into hot water, add honey or lemon to give the tea a little something additional and you’re good to go.

Juice Bar

If you are local and want to try a juice cleanse. Juice Bar is a wonderful place to begin. You can later expand into juicing yourself after you figure out what your taste pallet loves.



Supplements vary but Sakara’s water drops are my favorite. Add these drops into your daily water and boom you’re on your way.

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