Berries are locked and loaded with the ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS we need for optimal daily health.


obtain the highest level of antioxidants we can receive from any of the fruits, while also being known as functional nutraceutical food ingredients for favorable health benefits.



Antioxidants, High Fiber, Vitamin C, Manganese, Vitamin K1, Copper, Folate


Since we know I adore all the skin benefits, berries contain the antioxidant ELEGIAC ACID, which promotes the reduction of skin aging, these antioxidants help protect the skin by blocking the production of enzymes that break down collagen. (1)

The reduction of inflammation, deep colored fruits such as the berries in this salad provide us with tons of anti-inflammatory nutrients. As modern society breeds long-term inflammation levels in each of us, due to high-levels of stress, inadequate daily exercise, and incompetent nutrition. Providing ourselves with adequate levels of anti-inflammatory foods into our daily lifestyle set us up for success. (2)

They improve blood sugar and insulin levels and lower cholesterol levels by preventing LDL cholesterol levels  to oxidize or damage, this promotes great heart health. (3) (4)

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